Data Privacy and Security Policy

At Ad-Dulayl Industrial Park & Real Estate Co. (IDMC), we are committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of all data, including personal and non-personal information. This Data Privacy and Security Policy outlines our commitment to protect data privacy, maintain data security, and comply with relevant data protection laws and regulations in Jordan.

This policy applies to all data collected, processed, or stored by IDMC, including personal data of employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders, as well as non-personal data related to our operations.

Data Collection and Use:
a. Purpose Limitation: IDMC will collect and process data only for legitimate and specific purposes, ensuring that data is not used for any other purposes without appropriate consent.
b. Data Minimization: We will collect and retain only the minimum amount of data necessary to fulfill the intended purpose.
c. Consent: IDMC will obtain explicit consent from individuals before collecting and processing their personal data, where required by law.
d. Data Accuracy: We will take reasonable measures to ensure that data, especially personal data, is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant for the purposes for which it is used.

Data Security:
a. Access Control: Access to data will be granted on a need-to-know basis, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to specific data.
b. Data Encryption: Sensitive data, both in transit and at rest, will be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
c. Physical Security: We will implement physical security measures to protect data stored in physical form, ensuring restricted access to data storage areas and servers.
d. Incident Response: IDMC will have an incident response plan in place to promptly address and mitigate any data breaches or security incidents.
e. Network Security: Firewalls and other network security measures will be implemented to protect data from unauthorized access and potential threats.

Data Sharing and Disclosure:
a. Government Access: As required by law, government agencies in Jordan may have access to specific data upon request. In such cases, IDMC will cooperate with the authorities and provide the requested information within the legal framework.
b. Third-Party Sharing: If necessary, IDMC will share data with trusted third-party service providers, only after ensuring their commitment to data privacy and security.

Data Retention:
IDMC will retain data, especially personal data, for the duration required to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, and as mandated by applicable laws and regulations.

Data Subject Rights:
IDMC will respect the rights of data subjects, including the right to access, rectify, erase, and restrict the processing of their data, in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Employee Training and Awareness:
All employees will receive training on data privacy and security to ensure proper handling of data.

IDMC will comply with all relevant data privacy and security laws, regulations, and industry standards in Jordan.

Review and Update:
This Data Privacy and Security Policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure continued compliance with evolving data protection standards and legal requirements.

By implementing this Data Privacy and Security Policy, IDMC reinforces its commitment to protecting data privacy, ensuring data security, and upholding ethical practices. This policy helps build trust with employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders and maintains IDMC's reputation as a responsible and reliable organization.
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