The Status of the Garment Industry in Jordan

Are you considering investment in the garment manufacturing industry? 🧵💼 🌟

Here's why this could be your next strategic move:

Prime Geographical Location 🌐

Jordan, strategically located at the heart of the Middle East 🌍, serves as a pivotal gateway to both regional and global markets. Its advantageous proximity to Europe, Asia, and Africa ensures highly efficient logistics 🚚, facilitating prompt deliveries to diverse consumer markets worldwide.

Vibrant Garment Industry 👗

The garment industry in Jordan has not only witnessed significant growth but has also solidified its position as a dependable and competitive global player. This robust sector is supported by a skilled workforce 👩‍🏭, modern infrastructure 🏭, and a business-friendly environment, making it an appealing investment opportunity.

Favorable Trade Agreements 🌍

Jordan has entered into advantageous trade agreements with various countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the European Union. These agreements confer duty-free access to key markets, providing investors with a competitive advantage and minimizing trade barriers.

Skilled and Productive Workforce 👩‍🏭

Jordan's garment industry benefits from a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, proud of its ability to deliver efficiency and quality aligned with international standards. Despite this high skill level, labor costs remain competitive 💼, giving investors an edge compared to other players in the region and beyond.


Ad-Dulayl Industrial Park's Robust Infrastructure 🏭

The well-developed infrastructure at Ad-Dulayl Industrial Park 🏭, Jordan's robust transportation networks 🛤️, and efficient logistics facilities 📦, ensures seamless operations, timely deliveries, and cost-effective supply chain management.

Governmental Support and Incentives 💼

The Jordanian government actively supports investments across various sectors. Investors can capitalize on a range of incentives, including tax exemptions, financial support 💰, and simplified business procedures, facilitating smooth business establishment and growth.

Ethical and Sustainable Manufacturing 🌿

The garment industry in Jordan places a strong emphasis on ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices, adhering strictly to international labor and environmental standards 🌿. Associating your brand with this responsible supply chain can resonate with socially conscious consumers, ultimately enhancing your brand reputation.

Jordan's Potential in the Garment Industry 🌟

💡 Seizing the potential in Jordan's garment exporting sector offers a bright opportunity. Capitalize on its strategic location, skilled workforce, beneficial trade agreements, and government support to join the success narrative of Jordan.

Key Industry Insights *

Jordan's textile and apparel manufacturing contribute a total of 600 million USD to the nation's GDP.
The sector boasts an impressive export value of 1.8 billion USD.
Providing employment to 76,000 workers, Jordan’s textile and apparel sector significantly contribute to the nation's workforce and overall economy.

* Source: Jordanian Ministry of Investment (MOIN)

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