Status of the Industry in Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a safe and stable environment for investments.

Laws and regulations of the Jordan investment commission aim to strengthen the incentives granted to investors and simplify the setup of enterprises, obtaining the necessary licenses procedures and benefits from customs duties exemption on production equipment and fixed assets for the exercise of industrial activities.

​The investment law allows any investor to transfer the ownership rights and privileges as the Jordanian investor.

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Main Development Zone Benefits as per the Jordanian Investment Law

Development Zone Benefits in Jordan:
- Low flat 5% corporate income tax of the registered enterprise realized from its economic activity within the development zone,
- 0% sales tax,
- 0% social services and dividends tax,
- 100% foreign ownership,
- FTA agreements with several countries and blocs.

FTA agreements with other countries

As part of Jordan's continuous efforts to foster economic growth, boost exports, and establish global cooperation, the country has successfully signed significant international trade agreements. These FTAs open doors to a vast network of consumers worldwide, providing access to over 1.5 billion potential customers.

Here are some key highlights of the Free Trade Agreements that Jordan has entered:
- Agreement with the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2000: A significant milestone that solidified Jordan's commitment to international trade and paved the way for further engagements with various economies,
- United States (2001): A crucial FTA that has facilitated enhanced trade relations between Jordan and the world's largest economy, creating countless opportunities for businesses on both sides,
- EU-Jordan Association Agreement: Strengthening economic ties with the European Union, this agreement has played a pivotal role in promoting trade and investment between Jordan and EU member states,
- European Free Trade Association (EFTA) - Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Liechtenstein: By collaborating with these EFTA countries, Jordan has unlocked access to new markets and diversified its trade opportunities,
- United Kingdom: As the UK continues to build its post-Brexit trade relationships, this FTA provides a strategic advantage for Jordanian businesses looking to tap into the UK market,
- Canada: The FTA with Canada has opened doors to a wide array of business prospects, bolstering economic relations between both nations,
- Singapore: A gateway to the thriving Asian market, the FTA with Singapore offers promising prospects for businesses seeking to expand their reach,
- Greater Arab Free Trade Area Agreement (GAFTA): Strengthening trade within the Arab region, this free trade agreement fosters economic integration and boosts regional cooperation, and
- FTA Agadir Countries: By collaborating with Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, Jordan has forged a significant trade alliance to enhance economic opportunities in the region 

Moreover, Jordan has also established the Pan European-Mediterranean Free Trade Area Preferential Market Access, further reinforcing its commitment to fostering economic growth and development, below are some useful references regarding this protocol:
- Jordan Trade for Employment,
- Short Primer on “The New Transitional Rules of Origin”,
- Export Guide to the EU.

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