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Our Management and Construction teams have reached a very competitive price for constructing industrial factory buildings with state of the art quality that suits the needs of the investors. We offer our investors several choices and options.


Option 1: Land and Building Purchase

Land prices in our park vary from $ to $ and could vary according to size and location.

Land Registration fees as per the Jordan Law is %6 to be borne by the  buyer and %4 to be borne by the seller.


Building Cost:

Our construction team is prepared to build in accordance to your needs and specifications.

A rate of $/meter squared for a minimum size of 5000 meter squared where the cast includes:

  • Detailed Engineering Drawings.
  • Engineers Association Fees.
  • Civil Defense certification approval.
  • Municipality Building Fees.

Any variation in the building will be done by cost.


Delivery Time:

Although in certain cases it might vary, however, our expected delivery time is 120-150 days of receiving the first agreed upon payment and the signing of the contract.


Payment Terms:

For land, the payment of %20 of land value is required at the signing of the contract. The remaining %80 balance to be paid on Land Registration at Land Registry Office within 30 days from signing the contract.


For building construction is as follows;

  • %25 on signing of contract.
  • %25 30 days from date of signing of contract.
  • %25 60 days from signing of contract.
  • %25 upon completion of building.


Dormitories of expatriates buy or lease:

We can build your own dormitories next to your factory for a price of $/square meter. Building is made of concrete with 3 floors. (option to rent is also available)


Option 2: 6 to 8 Year Lease

Lease duration is from 6 to 8 years subject to rental review after this period.

Lease prices vary from $32 to $35 per square meters according to the enclosed specifications.


Building Specifications

Each building is separate with boundary walls and has its own access to the main road.

Specifications for a 5000 meter squared steel structure factory building are as follows;

  • Block external walls.
  • Plastered internal walls with emulsion paint.
  • Internal floor of Terrazo tiles.
  • 1m concrete side walks around building.
  • Aluminum windows with marble sills for windows.
  • Four steel doors for personnel.
  • Two steel rolling shutters for loading and unloading.
  • Under ground water tank of with a capacity of 50 cubic meters.
  • Septic tank with a capacity of 40 meter cubed.
  • Boundary fence of galvanized steel 50x50x4mm of height 1.5m including concrete footing and steel angles and stiffeners at corners and 50cm hollow block plastering.
  • Base course with seal cost 5 meters wide around the side of the building inside the boundary wall.
  • Office area of 50 meters squared.
  • 21 Toilets in one area.

Excluding: electro-mechanical and internal partitions.


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